Your business at your fingertips

the solution for manufacturer representatives 

Pams unifies all sales, customer and commerce related activities on one powerful platform.

Its data models enable you to connect the dots and to initiate the right actions in real-time.

Benefit from specific workflows that have been designed for representatives to manage their business activities with both: Principals and clients.


  • Sales oriented Business Management
  • Impressive reports
  • Automated commission handling

Sell smarter, better and faster with Pams!

Business Analytics

Keeps the upper hand on the complete sales cycle - from Inquiry to final payment.

Sales Management

Manage your material buyouts for the specific sales job.

Commission Manager

Automatically creates invoices and tracks your commission payments

Task Manager

Plan and manage your tasks and activities related to your sales cycle.

Costumer Management

Orchestrates your clients, principals and sub-suppliers efficiently.​

Use your full potential !

Grow your Business with Insights

Gain valuable insights into your Sales Pipeline and Performance in order to response with the right measures.

Pams contains powerful widgets that link your business information with data intelligence and automation.


Have your own Dashboard to see everything that matters at a glance.

Target Tracking​
Sales Forecasting​
Leads and Opportunities​
Win & Loss Analysis​

Empower your Sales Team​

Because most representatives do too much administrative work which is not value-adding they wish they had more time to engage with the customer directly.

PAMS takes down admin and data entry to a minimum and equips you with powerful tools at the same time.

Pipeline Management
Bid Due Date Manager
Quotation Builder
Commission Tracker

Impress your Principals

Speed and quality of information are closely linked to the success of a business.

With PAMS you receive instant reports for yourself and your Principals about running business effortlessly.

Track your status quo with just a click.

Principal report builder
Principal payment tracker
Hit rate pointer
Inquiry evaluation

Foundation for Collaboration

Don’t bother working in files, Excels, or other documents anymore.

Organizing your team on one platform means having a single source of truth.
Get full visibility of your customer interactions and build upon the strength of your team and relationships.

Centralized library
Tasks, Events & Calendars
Project follower
Account evaluation